Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Cloud Service

Resources Built For Robust Performance
Too many companies today waste valuable time and resources on mundane tasks that suffer from inefficiency, poor communication, and increased risk. By migrating to an integrated, cloud based solution; your executive vision prospers as the focus shifts from tactical execution to strategic growth.

Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Cloud Service brings unparalleled strength and versatility to your organization. Manage accounting, procurement, and portfolio projects with Oracle’s state-of-the-art, integrated cloud applications. Leverage the functionality, analytics, security, and collaboration tools you need to move your business to world-class standards.

Modern Applications To Drive Business Excellence

  •       Focus on strategy and growth, not routine tasks
  •       Streamline financial, procurement, project, and order management
  •       Minimize operational risk and focus on strategic risk reduction
  •       Unite and guide your company with clear task execution

Access, Speed, Agility, and Unity
The implementation of Oracle’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Cloud Service will immediately provide your organization with a new level of operational efficiency. All users will receive on-demand access to role-specific information leads, and this should significantly improve productivity. Instead of toggling between spreadsheets – which increases confusion and risk – your team will collaborate on unified platforms. The result is better decision making and an emphasis on business results rather than processes.

The Advantages of adopting a Cloud Platform for your ERP

  • Timeliness.  The Oracle ERP Cloud platform support rapid deployment methodology for company-wide ERP needs.
  • Scalability.  Foundational solution that leverages Oracle’s industry-leading cloud-based solution.
  • Intelligence.  Forward-looking and future-proof application design that prevents “painting yourself into a corner”.
  • Dependability.  Implemented by a team of Oracle Certified Professionals, all with CPA/MBA backgrounds and an understanding of consolidation and close best practices, to ensure a properly-configured application.
  • Cost.  A cost efficient subscriptions based model that eliminates large backend costs such as:
    • Infrastructure: Server and Maintenance
    • Database Maintenance
    • Support Personnel
    • Upgrade Costs to Stay In Sync with Technology

SC&H Group – A Dedicated And Knowledgeable Team
Our goal is your sustained business success. For that reason, SC&H Group’s Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Cloud Service not only includes technical Oracle ERP experts but also seasoned business growth specialists in accounting, finance, and consulting. Only by delivering a combination of comprehensive business and technical expertise can we be sure we will deliver results beyond your expectations.

When moving your business to the cloud, you want to be sure the technology serves your core business vision – not the other way around. For that reason we put business success above all else and implement the best tools that support this singular goal.