Business Intelligence, Reporting & Analysis

Leverage Data to Improve Processes and Profitability

  • Command a unified business platform
  • Extract actionable meaning from data
  • Generate predictive analytics for big data challenges
  • Create highly formatted reports
  • Gain time and insight for strategic planning

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Intelligence Means Power

Intelligent businesses understand how to leverage data to improve business processes and profitability. With SC&H Group, you benefit from the entire range and depth of Oracle Business Intelligence (BI) applications.

Business Intelligence allows for the unification, dissemination, and focused application of business data for all users that appear on your operations grid.

Think Bigger and Smarter

With SC&H Group’s Oracle BI service you can discover previously hidden growth strategies, enhance collaboration, and unify your business vision.

  • Obtain location and situation specific answers
  • Visualize and map for potential areas of expansion
  • Drill down through charts to the transactional level
  • Allow users to find solutions quickly and independently
  • Have access to data and analytics at any time and place

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Oracle Platinum Partner

SC&H Group’s Oracle Hyperion consulting team delivers the best practices in deploying Oracle BI solutions for clients ranging from global, Fortune 500 companies to regional, emerging businesses.

As an Oracle Platinum Partner, we leverage the capabilities of the Oracle BI solutions to help organizations achieve breakthrough improvements in planning, reporting, and financial close processes.

SC&H Group’s world-class service, open communication, unparalleled work ethic and unique team-based approach ensure that all engagements are successfully completed – 100% of the time.