Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

  • Unite financial, operational, and administrative tools
  • Break down information silos
  • Eliminate manual data transfer
  • Minimize the need for spreadsheets
  • Generate real time financials at any time

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One Business Vision For All

Your business efficiency is a top priority. From purchasing to supply chain to distribution and sales, you seek to minimize waste. If your financial package, time cards, payroll package, expenses, HR, and inventory all live in separate silos, then you waste time sharing and processing data.

With SC&H Group’s Enterprise Resource Planning, your financial, operational, and administrative tools are united. All data flows into a central repository for fast retrieval and analysis in real time.

All On The Same Page

Instead of toggling back and forth between spreadsheets, pull up an integrated report in minutes. Share this vision with your entire enterprise and quickly export reports to stakeholders. Any sector of your company can generate custom reports with data reflecting where your company stands today.

Clear Insight & Strategic Planning

Your profitability report may take significant time to produce, and can be fraught with inadvertent errors. Incorporate data as it comes in with Enterprise Resource Planning. Mitigate inadvertent errors with integrated and automated processing. Reduce report generation times to minutes.

Having a single data repository facilitates strategic planning and regulatory compliance. Execute strategic plans faster and more precisely, improve profit margins by leveraging complete, accurate business information. With time saved, you can focus on growth strategy development.

Technical Expertise With Business In Mind

SC&H Group is comprised of seasoned business and finance experts, and our technical knowledge is world class. This unique combination assures you that we maintain a strong business focus with any software deployment.

We begin every engagement by developing a deep understanding of client vision and project scope. Our team of experts then tailors solutions to align with your core business goals, objectives, and needs.