Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

  • Convert visitors into clients, and clients into advocates
  • Fully grasp customer preferences and behavior
  • Manage and analyze customer lifecycle data
  • Improve client relationships and retention
  • Reduce time to close, and drive revenue growth

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Deeper Brand Loyalty

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) goes far beyond software applications. Instead, it implements a business philosophy that puts the customer first. This means getting to know the customer through engagement and proactive processes.

Software can’t take the place of your strategy or business process. Instead, your vision leverages software to deepen brand loyalty and increase profitability. In this manner, SC&H Group’s combination of business and technical expertise serves you exceptionally well.

How Mature Are Your Customer Practices?

  • Can you access all internal and external customer information from a single application?
  • Does everyone in your organization, from marketing to sales to finance to customer service, have a complete view of your customer?
  • Can you accurately forecast, within 10%, pipeline and sales?
  • Can you access all the information you need from a mobile device?
  • Does your sales staff use slow manual processes that should be automatic?
  • Can customer service quickly access information to address a complaint?
  • Is your average call resolution time optimal?

With SC&H Group’s CRM consulting services, you get concrete solutions to each of these situations. Implement the tools to answer a confident “yes” to these vital challenges.

Social Media Campaigns

An important part of business CRM is Social Media including social media marketing and digital marketing. Monitor social media feedback, both positive and negative, as it pertains to your company, competition, and prospects. Automate postings, improve visibility, and source leads from marketing campaigns. Analyze your social media campaigns in real time, any time.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Microsoft Dynamics CRM allows you to share a complete view of your customer across your entire organization. Automate and optimize your marketing, sales, and customer service processes. Leverage the reporting and business intelligence tools of Dynamics CRM, Power BI, and SQL Server to provide insight into key indicators to drive your strategy.

Sales Force Automation

  • Contact Management / Account Management
  • Sales Process / Business Process Automation
  • Leads-Opportunities-Quotes-Orders


  • Marketing List
  • Marketing Campaign Management

Customer Service / Call Center

  • Case/Incident/Issue Management
  • Field Service, Service Agreements, Service Scheduling
  • Queues, Case Routing

Choose Wisely

Proficiency with CRM technologies means you combine the right software with the best technical approach for easy implementation and cost containment. Technical and business expertise go hand-in-hand. SC&H Group’s CRM approach is not “one size fits all”. We first study your business objectives and process then implement appropriate solutions to optimize your results.