Custom Business Applications

  • Create applications to meet specific business needs
  • Employ custom screens, views, reports, and processes
  • Generate forms for internal or customer use
  • Manage database schema, reporting engines, and workflow

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Know Your Business

It’s not enough to simply know your business. You must also be on the lookout for hidden needs and weaknesses. With Custom Business Applications, you can quickly address any new challenge that might not fit into a pre-packaged software solution.

Create tools that adapt to your workflow and culture, not the other way around. Shorten time to value by leveraging existing Microsoft Dynamics platform components.

Custom Builds – Faster & Less Expensive

Many uninformed companies adapt to rigid software packages or pay high premiums for custom software. With the robust capabilities of the Dynamics CRM platform, custom business applications can be generated at a fraction of the cost. Take advantage of high value apps on a rapid app development platform – all faster and far less expensive than building from the ground up.

Built For Who You Are

Let your business model – not the software – take center stage. Are you a real estate firm? Then build an app that caters to tenants and improves their experience. Allow all users access through a mobile device. You might create apps that assist sales reps out in the field or that boost HR engagement. The possibilities are nearly limitless.

Build a client interface and ensure the technology integrates smoothly with your business. Or build in-house tools that improve communication and workflow. With Custom Business Applications you resolve business challenges, streamline processes, and mitigate risks.

Security Built In

When you use SC&H to build your custom business application, you don’t need to “reinvent the wheel.” The Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform comes with a complete security model including user accounts, security roles, and permissions.

Don’t Forget Your Business

One of the biggest challenges facing the modern enterprise is determining which apps will be effective. Even advanced technology experts often encounter difficulty after application launch, in cases where they did not consider the business first and foremost.

SC&H Group understands the business mindset. Our firm has thousands of man hours performing audits, accounting, and financial services. We’re more interested in your revenue growth than in simply integrating a technology. By first pinpointing business opportunity and risk, you can then implement precise state-of-the-art solutions.