Microsoft Dynamics Consulting Services

  • Deliver great customer experience
  • Leverage data to drive sales
  • Assess and manage business in real time
  • Access complete view of customer information, through batch and real-time integrations
  • Meet specific business needs with custom applications
  • Automate marketing, sales, and financial processes

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Doing Business Better & Faster

Microsoft Dynamics business solutions free you to realize your company’s full potential. Discover a diversity of tools to empower client engagement. Or build custom applications that meet the exact needs of your enterprise. You can also implement solutions that unite your company vision, financials, and operations.

SC&H Group’s Microsoft Dynamics Consulting Services specializes in:

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) provides deep understanding and analysis of customer and stakeholder interactions. The result is actionable data that improves relationships and widens revenue streams. Everything from social media to call centers to sales pipeline development can benefit from CRM.

Custom Business Applications can be built to fit your specific business needs. Create customized screens, views, reports, and processes to optimize your organization’s efficiency. The extensibility of CRM allows for the formation of any business application.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) has the ability to bring together financial, operational, and administrative tools into one integrated solution. Eliminate isolated data silos. Know precisely where your enterprise stands today.

Strengthen Your Bottom Line

SC&H Group’s Microsoft Dynamics Consulting Services provides more than just software. This is a new way to do business that focuses on the specific business needs of both you and your customers. Improve your understanding of the intricacies and intimacies of each user to enrich their experience. Automate, consolidate, and streamline business processes to increase growth.

Business Minded Expertise

At SC&H Group, we’re more than just software experts. Our technical expertise and business acumen is world class. With SC&H you get the exact qualifications needed to move your business forward with confidence.

Thanks to mutual fidelity and trust SC&H Group carries long term relationships with many clients. Our industry leading retention rate means that maintaining top talent remains a cornerstone of our, and your, success.  All this goes towards proudly exceeding our clients’ expectations on every engagement.