Royalty Audit & Licensing Audit Services

Validate the Payments Received Comply with the Negotiated Contract

  • Validate royalty and licensing payments are calculated correctly and received timely
  • Recover unrealized revenue
  • Strengthen your licensee relationships
  • Increase transparency

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Identify Non-Compliant Royalty Payments

Many licensors rely on licensees to calculate the payments due from partners who license technology, intellectual property, trademarks, or copyrights according to the negotiated terms. However, most licensors do not receive the detail from the licensee that is necessary to validate the calculation.

Unrealized, incorrectly calculated, or untimely royalty payments decrease revenues and margins.

Address Risk & Compliance, Protect Your Bottom Line

A royalty or licensing audit can uncover non-compliance that impacts your bottom line.

An independent, third party royalty audit can identify under-reported sales, omission of products from royalty calculations, non-compliant deductions, or formula errors. Additional recommendations are provided to enhance internal control, improve processes, and strengthen contract language.