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How Recent Tax Updates May Impact Your Individual and Business Tax Liability and 2014 Year End Tax Planning Initiatives, Part 2 of 2 [Webinar]

SC&H Group invites you to view a free webinar replay to learn more about the various topics that may impact your personal and professional tax obligations.
The information that will be discussed in the individual tax update portion of the webinar will cover:

  • Update on proposed tax legislation, extenders and reform
  • Review of traditional tax planning techniques (retirement funding, loss harvesting, etc)
  • Impact on tax planning with 2014 developments (expiration of 2013 tax provisions, net investment income tax, etc)
  • Developments in estate and gift taxation

The information that will be discussed in the business tax review portion of the webinar will cover:

  • Consider your 2014 projected tax situation. You need to know your current income tax situation before you can determine what actions to take
  • Fund retirement plans to get 2014 deductions. 2014 deductions may be allowed for timely contributions made as late as October 2015
  • Foreign bank account disclosure. Department of Treasury rules for filing have changed and the penalties start at $10,000 for non-filing
  • How the Final Repair and Capitalization Regulations have changed

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