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Personal Property Tax Issues for Retailers

View SC&H Group’s free webinar replay on reporting and assessment issues unique to retailers. Issues of inaccurate cost basis or over-assessment may be small on a location-by-location basis, but often add up to a significant overpayment of personal property tax either regionally or nationally. It is no secret that these issues exist, but finding a cost effective and efficient way to deal with them can be difficult.

Topics Include:

  • Common personal property tax issues and concerns encountered by retailers
  • Inaccurate fixed asset records
  • Compounded effect of remodels and resets on asset accuracy
  • Unrecorded disposals (ghost assets)
  • Double-taxation and excessive valuation of leasehold improvements
  • Overstated cost and/or value of inventory
  • Tools and tips for proactively minimizing these issues
  • How to identify and address your biggest pain points
  • Effective audit management and minimizing escape assessments

Editor’s Note: This content was originally published on July 2, 2013. It has been ungated and republished due to popular demand.

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