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2015 Year-End Tax Planning For Businesses and Individuals [Webinar]

Discover Insights For 2015 Year-End Tax Planning

SC&H Group invites you to view a free webinar replay to learn more about topics that may impact your business and individual year-end tax planning.

The knowledge gained during this webinar replay will help with proactive business and individual tax preparation now to prevent costly consequences later.

Topics discussed in the accounting, audit, and tangible property regulations portion of this webinar include:

  • Private company developments, such as VIE guidance, goodwill impairment, intangible assets, and interest rate swaps.
  • Revenue recognition project.
  • Not-for-profit financial reporting project.
  • FASB update.
  • Tangible property specific topics, such as safe-harbor de minimis, and what is considered an improvement.

The information discussed in the year-end business and individual tax planning portion of this webinar includes:

  • A business tax update, including pertinent changes by states, federal extenders, federal legislation, and court cases.
  • An individual tax update, including current information on legislation, court cases, and fraud alert; foreign asset reporting requirements; individual tax planning; and a estate, gift, and fiduciary update.

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