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Are You Unleashing CRM’s Full Potential? [Video]

Despite the ever-improving functionality and features of CRM solutions, CRM success is still highly dependent on how effectively the software is customized and implemented. Unfortunately, creating and implementing a CRM strategy can be a daunting process. The following video highlights how working with the right advisor can yield a CRM strategy that produces true customer insight and satisfaction—as well as a powerful competitive advantage.

CRM success requires more than just the software. It requires trusted advisors who can help to define business needs, objectives, and requirements – then craft and implement an effective CRM strategy.

By partnering with an advisor that keeps the company’s strategy and processes at the center of the CRM customization, executives can gain an optimized CRM that enhances internal business operations. In fact, advisors that focus on the key human-oriented components of a CRM can improve the likelihood of CRM success from less than 15 percent to over 70 percent, according to an IBM study.

With the assistance of a skilled advisor, executives can effectively evaluate departmental needs and identify what information is needed and where it is located. Then, through proper customization, they can bring that information together—allowing them to gain a complete view of their customers.

With a 360-degree customer view, companies are delivering seamless customer service, ensuring greater customer satisfaction, and improving short- and long-term results.

Ultimately, by working with trusted advisors to customize CRM solutions to their specific business needs, executives are unleashing the software’s full potential. They are strengthening internal efficiencies, identifying opportunity and risk, and driving a higher competitive advantage.

Want more information about how your organization can gain a 360-degree view of your customers? In a recent podcast, Dan Blake of SC&H Group’s Microsoft Dynamics Consulting Services team discusses how organizations are gaining a competitive advantage by customizing CRM solutions to provide customers with a seamless experience. Click here to listen today.

Contact us to find out how SC&H Group’s Microsoft Dynamics Consulting Services team can help strengthen your organization’s bottom line and realize its full potential.

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