SC&H Group Podcasts: "Expertise Beyond the Numbers"

Lynne Gummo, Director, Discusses Effective Capture and Pricing Strategies for Government Contractors

Government contractors are continually challenged with developing the right contract capture and pricing strategies that will effectively allow them to grow their businesses in today’s austere budget climate. SC&H Group and Red Team Consulting are launching a three-part, on-demand webinar series that aims to guide government contractors through the changing procurement landscape.

Topics that will be discussed in this series include:

  • Effective capture strategies for Federal Government procurements
  • Pricing your best value contracts for long-term success
  • Direct and indirect rate strategies that win government contracts

Below are insights from an exclusive podcast with Lynne Gummo, a Director of Tax Advisory Services at SC&H Group, who also discusses how the government procurement landscape will change in 2015.

To listen to the first webinar in this series, click here.

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