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Economic Obsolescence Opportunity Assessment

Is Economic Obsolescence Properly Factored Into Your Personal Property Tax Valuation?

Economic obsolescence is a form of depreciation that may be used to reduce personal property taxes by demonstrating that outside forces – like escalating costs of materials and fluctuating demand – have negatively impacted the value of a company’s personal property.

Given the recent changes in government regulation, technology, environment, and other factors, the presence of economic obsolescence when assessing fair market value has become more widespread, making it more important than ever to identify its existence within your company.

Fortunately, SC&H Group’s new “Economic Obsolescence Opportunity Assessment” Decisionaire will determine if your organization can reduce its personal property tax expense due to economic obsolescence.

This simple online assessment offers a series of questions that cover a wide-range of issues to verify if economic obsolescence affects your current business environment. If so, there may be opportunities to reduce personal property tax liabilities for these assets.

Just answer a few questions, and receive immediate feedback based on your responses.