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CRM Performance & Capabilities Assessment

Want to know if you’re getting the most from your CRM investment and how you can boost your performance?  Take this quick automated assessment and find out.

Dan Blake, a Principal with SC&H Group’s Microsoft Dynamics Consulting practice, has created an automated online assessment that will immediately provide you with an in-depth evaluation of the effectiveness of your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) implementation. After answering a short set of multiple choice questions, you’ll instantly receive a personalized report with the following insights:

  • A CRM capabilities maturity rating to give you a sense of how your organization compares to others, and how much room there is to improve the effectiveness of your CRM.
  • Specific advice for leveraging your CRM investment for improved customer relationships and business growth.
  • A breakdown of your CRM performance across 7 customer relationship management “pillars”, including organizational culture, information ubiquity, user adoption, automation, data quality, mobility, and reporting/analytics.
Decisionaire Detailed Personalized Results Sample

Just 10 minutes – 26 questions – gets you instant, detailed personalized results. Get started now by providing your name and email below:

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