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July 4th: Time to Celebrate Our Freedom to Pursue The American Dream

While the July 4th holiday marks a time to celebrate the birth of our great nation, it is also a time to reflect upon the freedoms we have as well.

One of these freedoms is the ability to pursue the American dream. For many individuals, this means building and growing a business. The United States is a nation that fosters both innovation and an undying entrepreneurial spirit. While it may sometimes feel as if there are barriers to success, the reality is that our nation is a leader when it comes to giving entrepreneurs an open frontier to pursue their passions.

This is especially true now as we are experiencing a strong economic recovery driven by lower interest rates and easier access to capital. These forces are allowing new companies to emerge that are creating game-changing innovations and upending entire industries.

The American dream is still alive and well, with opportunities abound for everyone.

SC&H Group would like to wish everyone a prosperous and happy July 4th holiday. Enjoy listening to “America” by Neil Diamond as you reflect upon life, liberty, and your pursuit of happiness.

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