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Active Versus Passive Investment for Retirement

According to a sobering report called, “The Retirement Savings Crisis,” by the National Institute on Retirement Security, the typical American family only has a few thousand dollars saved for retirement.

While most of us envision working deep into our golden years, the reality is that retirement may come quicker than we expect. Anything from being laid off, unforeseen health issues, or a post-retirement consulting business not taking off could certainly derail any best-laid plans for ongoing financial stability.

Developing the right investment strategy for retirement is not as daunting as you might think – even for couples in their late 30s and into their 40s. The first step is to determine if an active or a passive investment strategy is right for you.

These and other key insights are outlined in a recent column in Baltimore Gay Life by Robin Patalon, a Principal at SC&H Financial Advisors, the Personal Financial Planning practice at SC&H Group.

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