Client Testimonials

“SC&H helped us establish an effective accrual process to better budget our property tax liability, This helped us save considerable tax dollars across the board, obtain incentives we didn’t think were accessible, and helped us better manage our significant tax liability.”
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“After review, SC&H effectively reclassified our depreciable assets, expanded available exemptions and cleaned ghost assets. By thoroughly analyzing Personal & Real Property Tax liabilities, we realized savings of almost $10 million over the course of a few years.”
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“SC&H was able to assemble a very experienced team of specialists, uniquely qualified to assist us in our engagement. It was enormously valuable and allowed us to quickly and efficiently identify and evaluate the core commercial questions we had on the target.”
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“The SC&H Contract Compliance Audit team enabled us to recover a substantial amount of funds while committing a minimal amount of resources. We appreciated the fact that they conducted a very non-intrusive audit by performing the vast majority of their work independently and off-site.”
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“Our companies operate across multiple counties and states, and compliance with these regulations represents a significant challenge. SC&H maintains focused, specialized knowledge of state and local tax with teams that collaborate to find savings, and put processes in place for better reporting.”
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“SC&H allowed us to improve our operations, sustain our internal control compliance, meet deadlines, and successfully report our progress to the Audit Committee. I was delighted with how well the team worked with ours and the flexibility of their schedules, which allowed us to continue operations with minimal interruptions.”
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“SC&H successfully negotiated significant property tax abatement, cash grants, training assistance grants, usable tax credits and payroll tax rebates. The negotiated incentive packages were substantial, and the education process was stellar.”
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“As a result of ongoing re-valuation, SC&H has been able to realize total tax savings in the millions that were overlooked by previous providers. They remain a trusted advisor on an increasing number of our properties.”
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“SC&H excels in its understanding of Hyperion products and complements this with diligence, reliability, and integrity. We were impressed with SC&H’s professionalism and attention to detail. SC&H’s significant contributions were instrumental to the success of the project.”
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“SC&H’s Audit practice provided accounting expertise and team continuity. The process was smooth, included consistent senior leadership from key SC&H auditors, and resulted in timely financial statement preparation and approval.”
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“SC&H was able to work with the facts, understand our unique business situation, and communicate well with the auditors, identifying areas where we could benefit or defray our tax costs and calculate offsets.”
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“SC&H continuously delivers results on projects and provides a high quality of service. The engagement teams are knowledgeable, extremely responsive and professional. As promised, they consistently spend the extra time tailoring every request and deliverables to our needs to minimize the time required by us.”
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“SC&H’s Government Contracting team has a thorough understanding of certain audits that most frequently raise adverse issues, and helped us to understand our responsibilities and rights for addressing questioned costs or challenges to internal controls that result from audits.”
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“Innovation is an important aspect of our business’ growth. SC&H helped us alleviate the costs of innovation by helping us to better understand and take advantage of the R&D credit afforded our industry.”
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