IT Security Advisory

Identify Risk & Establish A Proactive Defense

  • Implement best practices regarding smartphone and device security
  • Deploy clear documentation security measures
  • Define cybersecurity governance and responsibilities
  • Establish security compliance and certification 
  • Implement damage control plans to prepare for unexpected incidents

Protect your systems and data with SC&H Group’s IT Security Advisory Services. Contact us or call (888) 380-1374.

Prudence Thinks “When”, Not “If”

As global Internet participation continues to rise, the enterprise’s risk to cyber attack grows exponentially. Cyber criminals can damage operations through fraud, identity theft, piracy, and disruption. Motives can include financial gain, competitive advantage, political activism, or backlash from a disgruntled current or former employee.

Proactive companies realize that cyber aggression will occur at some time, and insufficient security can translate into losses totalling millions of dollars.

Solid IT Security For Business

Many companies grasp the inevitability of cyber attack, but remain limited in their IT resources and knowledge to address risk vigorously. With SC&H Group, our IT Security Advisory helps pinpoint areas of vulnerability and implement a comprehensive security plan that protects your assets.

SC&H Group also retains expertise in SSAE 16 compliance and certification and all other regulatory requirements, especially for government contractors.

As technical, audit, tax, and financial experts, SC&H Group considers both your IT and business needs. This provides your company with business minded online security services on an ad hoc or ongoing basis. Our industry-leading retention rate is a testimony to the success of our clients.

Fill The Gap, Remain Profitable

Your perceived cyber protection may be significantly lower than what the current risk environment demands. A third-party IT assessment helps determine if your risk profile aligns properly with your business goals and objectives.

Essentially, a robust IT security strategy has become a prerequisite to the success and profitability of the modern organization.

Your Trusted Advisor

SC&H Group’s services can be fully adjusted to meet your needs. Once an IT security plan is in place, we remain available for any troubleshooting or consultation. You can also engage us on a periodic or long term basis providing the bandwidth required to keep operations secure.

We view ourselves as an extension of your team, and recognize that superior service, open communication, unparalleled work ethic, and continuity are paramount to our mutual success.

By engaging SC&H, you work with IT experts uniquely positioned to protect profitability, minimize risk, and secure your business for the future. Begin realizing the benefits of a robust IT security strategy as part of your organization’s long-term business plan.