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Bridging The Divide Between Marketing and Procurement [White Paper]

How CMOs Are Maximizing Agency ROI in a Time of Cost-Cutting and Competition

Today’s CMOs are at a crossroads. To spur corporate growth, many are being pressured by senior management and procurement officers to reduce marketing spend. However, CMOs know that aggressive cost-cutting can backfire, undercutting the ability of agency partners to build company brand, attract new customers, and, ironically, drive revenue growth.

What should CMOs do?

For many, the best approach has been neither dramatic cuts nor stubborn resistance. Instead, they are focusing on transparency, communication with procurement, and analysis of agency contracts. Ultimately, this approach is yielding improved efficiency and cost savings — without compromising marketing effectiveness.

This paper explores:

  • The growing pressure to reduce marketing spend
  • Ways to promote collaboration between marketing, procurement, and agencies
  • How to achieve optimal ROI with communication, transparency, and contract analysis

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