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Q2 2014 – Government Contractor Market Update

SC&H Group is pleased to announce the release of the Q2 2014 Government Contractor Market Update.

As we embarked on 2014, many government contractors were hopeful that the challenging times were in the past. However, we are still very much in an area where future activity remains uncertain and opportunities are lacking. As we approach the end of the second quarter of 2014, we have not yet reached the preferred spending levels. Although sequestration and the government shutdown are behind us, many contractors are still waiting for the pre-sequestration level of activity to occur.

The ongoing budget challenges have made this an ideal time for buyers to seek out acquisition opportunities. From an M&A perspective, there is a slight increase in activity because buyers are still hungry for deals. Furthermore, many players now have a better understanding of the new marketplace and budget environment. Contractors will continue to see growth opportunities in cloud computing, Big Data analytics, Health IT, as well as in international markets.

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